Another photo of the smashed Ferrari...

A speeding Ferrari driver has escaped serious injury in a horrific car smash.
The motorist lost control of the supercar and hit four vehicles before piling into the back of a bus carrying 50 labourers – where the front of his motor folded in two.
The shocking shunt took place at 6.10pm on Monday on the Al Rawdha bridge on Sheikh Zayed Road in Ajman.
An Ajman Police spokesman said: “When we reached the area and saw the damaged Ferrari, we couldn’t believe that the driver survived.”

Remarkably, only the Ferrari driver and a man from another vehicle were hurt in the pile-up.
“We transferred them to Khalifa Hospital for treatment,” the policeman said.
The two were described as “recovering” by police on Wednesday. No further details were given.
Police said that the accident happened due to “massive speeding” by the Ferrari motorist.
He was travelling at more than 100kph in a built-up area of Ajman, authorities said.
The driver is from a GCC country and is in his 20s, they added.
saedw[1] copyMajor Saif Al Felasi, the head of the Traffic Department and Patrols at Ajman Police, said that the crash resulted in a massive backlog of traffic that took several hours to ease.
Cops had to re-route motorists from the scene of the smash. Al Felasi urged motorists to slow down and pay more attention while driving – and leave enough distance between vehicles to prevent accidents.

The remains of the Ferrari following the bus crash
The remains of the Ferrari following the bus crash
“Motorists should be more careful while driving and use their seatbelts,” he said. “Accidents can happen in a second.” Investigations are ongoing into the incident.