Justin Bieber attacks night club manager?

Justin Bieber attacks night club manager after not playing the song JB wanted to.Woods took to Twitter to vent about the alleged incident, writing,

“Next time u wanna take a cheap shot at my Tour Manager @justinbieber stick around to follow it thru instead of runnin off like a lil p***y.”“So when I told @justinbieber to f**k off and put some clothes on he took a cheap shot at my tour manager and fled behind a wall of security,” Woods added. I hope Justin didn’t do it. If he did it it’s really ruins his image. Why did you do this Justin? However, the party’s host Ben Baller tells TMZ that Bieber did NOT hit anyone. The Party’s host says that they argued but it didn’t turn physical.

Going by what the party host said, i’d say that JB didn’t hit anyone, he isnt that kind of a person! JB i know for a fact that you didnt hit anyone!!