Did Justin Bieber write the song “Heartbreaker” to win Selena Gomez back?

Justin Bieber revealed to his fans last night that his long-awaited new single ‘Heartbreaker’ is a tune that has summed up a difficult period for him but can the emotional song help Biebs to win back his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez?
Bieber premiered his brand new song last night and was quick to tell his Instagram followers that the track was written when he was going through his own very painful split: “It’s a song for people going through a heartbreak – like I was when I wrote it. It means so much to me to be able to share what I was, and still am going through, with my fans.”
He added: “I’m very proud of this song and I hope it give (sic) my fans some insight into my heart. -JB”.
The tune has already ascended to the top of the iTunes listings in 52 countries, but it sounds like Justin is hoping the song will bring him more than just chart success.
According to sources the star is trying to win back Selena, who he split from earlier this year, by sharing the heartfelt tune with his gorgeous ex lover.