Top-5 growing job roles and salaries in UAE?

Are you in these Top-5 growing job roles and salaries in UAE?

If you’re considering switching careers or are just starting to think about where to start yours, this is the list for you. These job roles have been growing the fastest in the UAE with an increased demand for professionals with the average salary that you can expect.
According to job portal, the below sectors are creating more new jobs in the market as compared to other sectors that the website monitors.
This sector has created the maximum number of jobs in the past month. The website claims that 7,186 new professionals were added in this sector and the average salary is around Dh11,910 ($3,243).
As construction activity increases in the country so does the demand for engineers. This particular area of expertise saw most number of jobs added last month after those in finance. A good 6,242 new professionals were added to the market and figures show that the average salary for engineers in the country is Dh13,270 ($3,613).
Management is another area where more professional are being added. It came third on Bayt’s list with 5,794 new positions being added with an average salary of Dh20,872 ($5,683).
Sales is another area that jobseekers can look at, as this sector is adding a decent number of jobs to the market. Just last month 5,097 new professionals were added with an average salary of Dh10,765 ($2,931) that one can expect.
Technology is transforming the way business is done and companies will continue to upgrade technology keeping the demand of professionals in this sector high.
Tech-based roles saw an increase in the UAE with Bayt figures showing that 3,949 new professionals were added last month. The average salary in this sector is Dh13,604.