Sorry, Sorry By fazza

Impossible (infinity) I was deeply in love,
*thabart * like the impossibility of
I have to reserve my seat in the front rows,
I am falls in love with the original of the horses (meaning Arab stallions here) ,
because these are the symbol of true thoroughbred,
in Arab countries and abroad.
The camels, the falcons, the sea and the people of the desert,
the * dalala *(Arabic coffee pots, plural), the precious love,the Arabian perfume, the poem and its arab character.
The poem is a state and myself i am a poet,
experience of thousand lives, 
Humble, modest, without arrogance, with hidden feelings,
when I write the poem,
I do not write it from memory an ignorant,
The sun of my mind is not going down (I can remember everytimes)
and the glow of creativity,
respects the true feelings of the lovers.
The idea of the poet, his feelings are reflected on the strings of * samriya rhytmus * (kind of a certain Arab Rythmus in music),
* Thdadat * The wind of the north
of my heart from north to south, runs through (all in the heart and reaches it completely fills)
everything for the love of my eyes,
which alone has possessed my heart.
She had with her black eyes and her innocence,
with every breath of wind from the north, I remember
to the movement of cloth (or substance),
which put the wind to fold and fold on the body.
Un with every fluctuation of the tree branch I remember the movement of the body,
the movement of the tree branch road is like and how this is similar to the movement of the body.
And I remember one morning smiling
and the evening followed,
and the forehead is the time of sunrise (see something beautiful)
as a celebration of sacrifice.
I remember the color of the cheek
with each entry (recall), click New.
Two red roses in a box, not in a vase
And I remember the smiles and her fragility (* riqah *).
The * dalala* (Arabic coffee pots, plural), the smile of the lips
Behold and the restless eyes before it’s gone,
without informing me (without telling me about it, without me to dedicate).
Her excessive vanity,
I could not recognize in the love.
What do I do? What do I do with a love
that think I`am your * halal * only (am destined for them alone).
But the disaster: that my heart agree
and it allowed my soul.
The problem (court trial): how can I feel her feelings,
as the key link between our emotions,
How can I feel her longing?
Judge of love: what’s the solution?
When she pulled out my heart between my ribs,
She must now find another (heart, love) for me.
And if she does not have a spare, she must bring back to ,
and not without me suffering heart
leave a burden for the lovers.
You know my only intention, I have no 50 intentions at the same time,
when her heart is through her aversion * khallas * (not love me anymore)
my (heart) is not slacking (in love with her).
How can I exchange a love that I have never experienced so profoundly?
Not with persistent aversion!
Consider my affection (love) is not a donation,
return for the benefits
is the job of a real Arab.
One look between our eyes,
When I stand before you, is sufficiently like the touch of hands.
If an error comes from me, 1,000,000 times I have said that Allah
if you really regret this mistake is forgiven. (He calls for an apology).
How big is the outline of the desert, and how many grains of sand in it?
How many branches does the dry and wet soil (out)?
how many pilgrims who turn to Mecca and
How many speak a greeting to the Prophet?
The sum of it is my excuse ……
Sorry, sorry - if you allow me to say it (he makes the first move and apologized).