Shaikha Mahra Al Maktoum Biography

Shaikha Mahra Al Maktoum is considered a very charismatic person with a strong determination to pursue her life dreams and ambitions.

Raised in a multicultural environment (Her father’s origin from Dubai, UAE and her mother from Sparta, Greece), Shaikha Mahra Al Maktoum, grew up recognizing the value of diversity.
She was taught to respect different ideas, perspectives and traditions of other i...ndividuals, while appreciating her own culture and background.

She learned to show empathy, compassion and respect towards the needs and feelings of others, while the dynamism and imagination of her father sparked her love for exploration and horses.


  1. I appreciate the attitude of Her Highness Shaikha Mahra Al Maktoum and wish her much strength to keep faith in these beliefs no matter what the challenges of daily life could try to get her out of balance. Blessings be with her, now and forever
    وأنا أقدر موقف صاحبة السمو الشيخة مهرة آل مكتوم ونتمنى لها الكثير من القوة للحفاظ على الثقة في هذه المعتقدات مهما كانت تحديات الحياة اليومية يمكن ان يحاول اخراجها من التوازن. بركاته معها، الآن وإلى الأبد

  2. تحية لصاحبة الجلالة صفات واخلاق نبيلة وشجاعة وجراة وعزيمة وفارسة العرب النطق بالصدق ثواب والمثل والاخلاق الحميدة موهبة من الله عز وجل حفك المولي من كل شر