Lucky Me By Fazza

Lucky me,
Your fooling and your seriousness is killing me,
It is killing and anything from you I like it,
God, how lucky you are, no one is like you,
Even my eyes misses seeing you all the time and stays up all night,
My tears keeps falling down for love,
“ Why are you falling down my tears when you are very high?” I said.
“Allah made me so I can fall to your cheeks, and your eyes belong with your beloved”.
Nothing can beat your beauty,
I like you,
I treasure you,
I respect you,
I compose you with longing and sing,
I leave anything in this life but not you,
And with you I built my ambitions and my hopes,
The longing cold, warms in the embrace of your hands,
And the heat of missing you, cools down when I imagine it,
I put my head in your lap,
And keep you away from the people,
because you are my love and mine only,
My heart is deeply in love with you,
And your picture is always on my mind,
And if you blinked with your long lashes,

I can see the people who envy you dies,
My heart says “ Lucky you.”
And I answered “ Lucky me.”
Thank you, Muuahh