How Expo 2020 will benefit Dubai

You can’t have missed the rambling billboards, lights and social newspapers crusades highlighting Dubai’s bid to owner Expo 2020. If we’re successful, Expo 2020 could supply a massive increase to our city’s economy over the long-term, solidifying its recovery from the 2008-2009 economic urgent situation and creating hundreds of thousands of new occupations in the method. With the conclusion set to be broadcast on Wednesday November 27, Time Out takes a gaze at just how large this could be for the UAE.

In 2012, more than 51 million travellers journeyed through Dubai worldwide aerodrome (DIA), which is connected to 220 destinations via 150 carriers. Even so, the emirate’s major transport hub is undergoing comprehensive redevelopment and expansion to accommodate the influx of millions of worldwide tourists that will come with hosting Expo 2020. According to the organiser’s forecasts, over 17.5 million people will flock from around the world to visit Expo 2020 in Dubai, or up to 300,000 every day. That’s not to mention exhibitors from more than 180 countries

Preparations are already well progressing for this through a sequence of expansions and upgrades. DIA is actually undergoing US$7.8bn [Dhs28.6bn] of renovation which will finally permit the facility to contend with 90 million travellers per year. The encompasses the building of Concourses 3 and 4 and expansions to fatal 1 and 2.

‘If you gaze at the aerodrome today, it is going to surpass its traveller aim for 2013 quite handsomely. Next year, it will eclipse Heathrow as the second busiest aerodrome in the world,’ says Saj Ahmad, chief analyst at aviation consultancy StrategicAero Research. ‘That's before you address the several billion dollars earmarked for expansion.’

Dubai is furthermore putting together the completing feels on the new Al Maktoum worldwide aerodrome at Dubai World Central, just a short journey from the suggested Expo 2020 site in Jebel Ali. With an eventual capability of 160 million travellers per year, the airport will effortlessly surpass London Heathrow to become the biggest in the world. Passenger operations began a little under a month ago, and Dubai’s Emirates Airline is expected to make its move to the hub sometime round 2015.

Analyst Ahmad states that rival owner cities for Expo 2020 in Russia, Brazil and Turkey arrive nowhere beside to equivalent Dubai not only in terms of their aerodromes, but furthermore their geographic position and flag carriers.

‘With Emirates in particular leveraging Dubai's exclusive geographic location to drag in and take traffic through Dubai, the other candidate cities do not even have a flagship airline adept of doing the same,’ he adds.