Different Thing.

A Different night, Different temperature, Different Poem and Different people.
Pray for the mention of Prophet Mohammed  x2
You want it Evil, Evil it is. You want it good, good it is
Or should we just let the ladies decide and judge on what you want and what you don’t want?
A Different audience, Different Bu Sh’hab (Brother Ahmed) , Different Fazza’a and Different Father. (Different here: Having the only one or The Best)
 And if I let the girls judge, Please do excuse me, I would be more relaxed with the Gazelles (Ladies) Than the Lions (Men.)
Poem evenings are not only about having Chair and a table with a Super star,
And they are not about having an admiring girl or a Boy,
They is about a Feeling that I have since a was a Child,
I feel it everywhere I go either east or west.
And my feelings are like I went all the way to Abu Dhabi (The Capital),
And meet the UAE president. (H.H Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.)
I feel so enthusiastic I could fly to the highest sky,
With my Friend, beloved brother (Ahmed).
And from the Knight, The Master of Glory and my father I got the experience,
And If I was not able to walk in the world of glory/Manhood I would crawl. But,
My Sweet Heart who is rebellious and excite my feelings, my needs and my tiredness.
If she was present between you (ladies audience) Please do tell me. I am in danger (Deep in love.),
Please, Please girls in Abaya’s and Niqab (a face cover).
Either she hears me through the radio or watching me on Sama Dubai (channel.),
Tell her my feelings never changed,
The first feeling was given away,
The other one was captured,
She is ( Like a Royalty) before she wears (expensive Silky cloths for royalties.),
(Meaning her Manners and beauty are high class when she is not a royalty, she looks like one.)
The previous line is dictated to the smart ones, not idiots (people who judge others.)
If You see here ( Mohamed Bin Elmr, Poetic), I don’t know what will happen, You will write the best poem in your life my friend.
And If (Dhedan Bin gada’an, Poetic) get to see here, he will start mumbling songs (from being amazed)
And sang whatever she wants from the beautiful south music.
And If ( Bin AlTheeb) get to see her, he will take out his sword and announced Love wars in the Arabic love sea.
And if (Sa’ad Aloosh) get to see her, he would send a poem all the way to (Sa’ad Al Aklabi) .
And If ( Hamad Zeid) get to see her, he would find the four daggers in my heart.
And if (Sa’ad Dri) her to see her, he will be broken hearted and start reading on her. (from Quran to prevent Envy).
And if (Khalaf Hazal) get to see her with her prince like feelings, he will go Saudi Arabia (hometown) for couple of hours and comeback to Dubai. (to see her again).
And If You get to see her ( Ahmed), You will forget all about poems and the audience and ask me to end this evening.

My Sweet Heart/Love/ Baby is,
The prettiest Human being,
The pretties Horse ( Random form our prince lol),
The Purest fragrance,
And if she is considered a gazelle, she if the prettiest not doubt.
Thank You


  1. Its eye pleasing to read , ear pleasing to hear ,heart melting to feel, speechless to praise such a wonderful xpression ! SubhanAllah

  2. Its eye pleasing to read , ear pleasing to hear ,heart melting to feel, speechless to praise such a wonderful xpression ! SubhanAllah