This Spectacular Floating Hotel Transforms The Idea Of What It Means To Travel In Style

We live in some pretty amazing times. We are exploring other planets outside our own. We are finding more efficient and clinically appropriate ways to treat many of our more troubling illnesses. Globalization has lead to a literal small world, people from all parts of the Earth able to hook up, link in, and celebrate our sameness in social media. And almost all of this is due to technology, and those who have studied the way to properly design and engineer it. Science can’t save us from everything, but when it comes to conquering elements we previously thought unfathomable, it is opening new doors every day.
Take the latest design for a “floating hotel.” Now, before you get the idea that this is just some shoreline oasis with access to the water, let’s dig a bit deeper. Indeed, Italian architect Gianluca Santosuosso has a far more futuristic plan in mind. Instead of a ship moving passengers from one port of call to another, his design is nothing less than a self-sustained resort that actually traverses the oceans. Yes, a true floating hotel, measuring a half-mile long, 20-feet-wide and drawing power from the waves as well as solar energy. And best of all? It changes shape to adjust to the prevailing currents. No, really.


Better still, it can also act as a safe harbor for ships and other vessels caught in the occasionally violent storms we experience. Known as the MORPHotel, planners admit to being in the beginning phases of final design and implementation – read: building – promises to cost a pretty penny. Still, as with most things found in the future, it’s prospects far outweigh the potential problems