5 home appliances to make life simpler for busy #UAE residents...

Many in the UAE enjoy the luxury of having a live-in maid to do all the household chores but there numerous families who are cleaning up after themselves or managing their home without any outside help.

Here are five devices that can provide you with a helping hand and give you the much needed breather. Most of them are available in the local market and will help you deal with the stress that comes with doing daily home chores.

1# Robotic vacuum cleaner
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Nothing looks better than good vacuumed floors and carpets. Most working couples would say that twice a week vacuuming would be fine but there are some cleanliness freaks who want their floors to sparkle every day. And, for these so called finicky people, as some would say, a routine chore is to come home after work and pull out the vacuum cleaner to start the process.

If there are kids in the house, the level of noise and confusion can only go up if either daddy or mummy does the cleaning after a tiring day.

A simpler process is to fall back on the automatic robotic vacuum cleaner that has intelligent programming and a limited vacuum cleaning system. Some designs use spinning brushes to reach tight corners. Others combine a number of cleaning features (mopping, UV sterilisation, etc.).

The good thing is that the machine can be in the operation mode while you are out and then can easily dock itself on its charging station. Most major brands have such vacuum cleaners and these are available at major electronics retailers in the country. Some cheaper versions are also advertised time and again on popular discount websites in the country but it’s advisable to go with a reputed brand even if it’s costly.

Customers say this machine is not as powerful as a traditional vacuum cleaner but having a robot (even though not as effective) combined with a thorough cleaning during weekends is definitely better.

2# Robotic window cleaner

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As the weather gets better it’s time to move the block-outs from the windows and decorate beautiful potted plants in the balconies.

But one thing you are sure to notice is the dirt and filth that has covered the window glass during the summer months. Many UAE residents get a cleaning company to make their windows shine and we wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself unless you live on the ground floor but this can be quite a task.

Again falling back on technology could be the answer. A one-time investment and you could have a window cleaner at your service at any time that you deem fit.

Ecovacs Winbot, a robotic window cleaner, is a machine equipped with a frameless window detection system so you can clean frameless windows, mirrors, glass doors, railings and shower stalls with just the touch of a button.

These devices may not be readily available in the market but if you do a bit of research you may just be lucky. For example, the window cleaner is being advertised for sale on www.souq.com for Dh2,699 and includes free shipping. If you are truly a cleanliness freak, this one is definitely for you.

3# Rotimatic to make breads
Pic credit: mashable.com

This device is mainly for the Asian population in the country. About one billion people in the world eat flat breads and it’s a tiring and time-consuming exercise to roll them out at each mealtime.

The answer to this problem could be the new Rotimatic machine as you sit and relax on the dining table.

The machine, invented by an Indian couple in Singapore, is being tagged as a first-of-its-kind robot to make chapatis which raked in about [Singapore]$5 million in pre-sale orders from the US, as reported.

The Rotimatic machine identifies the consistency of the flour you use and then adjusts the ratio. It can generate one roti per minute, which is also helpful for feeding large groups of people. The machine is not currently available in the UAE market but social media is inundated with queries about the machine from users in the country.

The company is taking pre-orders and if you are a regular chapati eater you could consider buying this machine. Priced at $599 each, it could worth be a try.

4# Good old dishwasher
Pic credi: cooper-electric.ne

This is no new invention yet many families in the UAE still do their dishes with hand, only adding to their daily burden.

Coming home tired to a sink full of dirty dishes can be quite a put-off. The convenience of a dishwasher can be a welcome change, especially for families, who need to do dishes several times a day.

The new smart dishwasher has different cycles including the economy one, making it efficient. The cycles can be used according to the load, the grease and the kind of cleaning you require.

Most dishwashers offer air-dry setting after which you can put them back straight on the shelves. Some smart ones use the machine at night and then leave the dishwasher door open so that the dishes dry up on their own without having to use the drying cycle, saving on energy.

It’s not all that costly to use this machine. You can use it according to your requirements. The market has different kind of dishwashers to choose from. All you need to do is get one to get rid of scrubbing and cleaning yourself.

5# Ditch the line dry, get a dryer

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If you do your laundry at home, the worst bit is taking the clothes out of the washing machine and sweating it out at 40 degree Celsius as you put them out on the drying rack.

A simple way is to get a dryer just as you use a washing machine to wash your clothes. Some consumers say the dryer tends to weaken the thread, leading to more wear out of clothes.

This may be true to a certain extent but the harsh summer months in the UAE also fade away the colours when the clothes are left out in the sun for long hours.

Undoubtedly, using a machine dryer will consume electricity whereas air drying comes free, but it may be an option for those who are running against time on low energy level.